Mr. Energy becomes Ms. Green

Dear Ms. Green,
Are you the person formerly known as Mr. Energy? If so, what happened? Did you have a sex change operation?
Open-minded in Oxford

Dear Open-minded,
Bless your heart! You are too funny. No, Mr. Energy did not have a sex change operation, but yes, Ms. Green is the same person formerly known as Mr. Energy. You may not have realized it, but Mr. Energy was always the collaborative effort between two business owners, Mark and Adrienne Bashista. They (or we, rather) own Home Performance NC, an energy auditing and weatherization contracting company located in Pittsboro. By “collaboration” we meant that Adrienne wrote the column and Mark provided technical advice. This is still happening, but honestly, since Mr. Energy likes to refer to himself in the 3rd person, and Adrienne was writing it, it often felt really weird to her to be so far removed from her columnist persona. And the switch from “Energy” to “Green?” We think it’ll open up more topics for discussion. Energy efficiency is one of the most “green” things you can do, don’t you think? And all of us – Mr. Energy, Ms. Green, and Adrienne and Mark – feel like there needs to be practical, accessible advice that can include all of our area’s residents in the “green” discussion. Whether you own a traditional chicken farm in Randolph county or work in a plywood factory in Moncure or drive 30 miles from Sanford to your tech job in RTP every day or are a homeschooling/homesteading mama who only shops at the Weaver Street or the Co-op – we hope there something to appeal to all of you with this little column. Our focus will always be on energy-efficiency, because that’s what we specialize in, but now we can write about other things as well.

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