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Builders and HVAC contractors: we can help you with duct testing for 2012 NCECC requirements!

As of March 1, 2012, any new home permitted in the state of North Carolina must comply with the 2012 NCECC (North Carolina Energy Conservation Code), including mandatory duct testing and an optional blower door test to satisfy the air sealing and duct sealing requirements in the code. Home Performance NC can assist you with […]

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Why duct cleaning is a waste of money.

Occasionally we’ll get calls or e-mails from people wanting to know if we clean ducts. We’ve also seen plenty of ads for companies that do duct cleaning, claiming to rid the home of allergens and musty smells and mold. Some people swear by it, but… we don’t. We don’t clean ducts, nor do we think […]

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Dear Mr. Energy…yes, you HAVE to change your air filters every month

Dear Mr. Energy, Do I really have to change my home’s air filters every month? —A little bit lazy Dear Little bit, Yes. You do. Quit being lazy! It’s not very hard to do and it’s pretty cheap, and your home’s HVAC system will thank you for it. The air filters control the quality of […]

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