Duct testing

As of March 1, 2012, any new home permitted in the state of North Carolina must comply with the 2012 NCECC (North Carolina Energy Conservation Code), including mandatory duct testing and an optional blower door test to satisfy the air sealing and duct sealing requirements in the code.

Home Performance NC can assist you with the mandatory duct testing and optional blower door testing as required from the code.

Home Performance is offering a special rate for testing to encourage you to use our service. Please contact us for details! Call (919)360-1570 and talk to Mark Bashista, our lead auditor and owner, or e-mail him at mark@homeperformancenc.com 

As always,  we are happy to offer discounts for multiple homes or systems if the testing can be performed on the same day.

For best results, we recommend you do the following to your system before we come out:

  • Before you install the registers, make sure all the duct boots are sealed to the floors and ceilings with duct mastic;
  • Seal the return boxes to the drywall before installing the filter grill;
  • Caulk all the plumbing and electrical penetrations  on the air handler;
  • Tape the air handler door with regular foil tape, not mastic tape;
  • Install bucket duct mastic on all joints and connections (not mastic tape or tape by itself);
  • If your hard ducts are going to insulated on the exterior it might be best to test before you wrap them all, if possible; and
  • Be sure to check that all seams, especially the bottoms, and corners have mastic near the air handler.

If you have any questions about system recommendations, what we do, and how we can help you comply with the NCEEC changes, please don’t hesitate to call.



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